ArtSpace – Week 6

“I would love for the project to carry on.”

The focus today was around cracks – creating them, filling them, covering them and exposing them. We brought various materials together in order to continue working on the concertina books.

“I’m nervous but really excited for the exhibition.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 22.58.37.png

This also inspired and encouraged discussion for a final collaborative piece for the YPA exhibition.

“Even though there is some structure, I like that I can interpret ideas in my own way.”


ArtSpace – Week 4

This week’s activity involved making concertina books. The books were then filled by transferring images, backgrounds and pictures created in previous weeks.


“The sellotape technique is something I can do at home”

The young people learnt a new technique – “sellotape printing”. The technique was achieved by using various sizes of sellotape over images or text we liked, soaking them in water and then transferring them on to our artwork, creating a transparency effect

“I’m learning new skills from week to week.”


ArtSpace – Week 5

This week we focused on working with sculpture. To introduce sculpture building, we worked with tinfoil in order to develop the skill of 3D sculpting.

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-14-09-53The starting activity led on to the main part of the session where we began sculpting out of pipe cleaners and wire. We focussed on work from previous weeks as inspiration for what we would be sculpting. The pipe cleaners made stronger sculptures whereas the wire was trickier to manipulate but could achieve more intricate designs.

“The project so far has been really good – I enjoy coming.”

Artspace – Week 3

The starting activity this week was a bit of fun and had participants and staff in fits of giggles. We had to do blind drawings of one another and not take our drawing tools off the page, using charcoal, pencils and felt tips.

“I already know what I’m going to do next week!”

screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-22-44-34The main activity was to use the backgrounds we had made last week and develop them further, encouraging participants to work on layering their work and focus on a working progress rather than an end result. There was a group consensus that continuing to work on pieces from last week was really effective and thought provoking of how best to do it.

“At first I didn’t want to work on top of my art from last week, but I’ve learned that art isn’t always finished.”

ArtSpace – Week 2

The second session of YPA welcomed several more participants onto the programme, enhancing the groups size.

For the starting activity this week, participants would take a page from a magazine and alter it in some way. Various techniques were used, from enhancing what was already in the magazine, changing it completely and also some collaging.

The main activity was to create various backgrounds that can be used in future weeks. Participants were shown various mediums to work with, brusho inks, acrylics, music manuscripts, maps, newspaper, pastel, chalk, etc, and participants could work either big or small scale.

“I am coming up with ideas I have never thought of before.”


Launch of new project ‘ArtSpace’

First session image.png

This week saw the launch of ArtSpace, an exciting three month pilot which gives young people the opportunity to expand on their creative skills, develop their own ideas, work with a professional artist and socialise.

This week’s session was fantastic, thanks to the hard work and commitment from the young people. Our theme is ‘Circles’ and everyone produced some fabulous work.

The first session was spent getting to know one another, both the participants and artists/staff. Everyone present seemed to have some interest in art or had done art before. After an ice breaker, we played the game consequence.

As the art session began to get going, the theme of Circles was introduced. Everybody had a range of different art mediums to explore using on paper, maps, cardboard – all of which had been cut into circles.

All participants and staff used various techniques and mediums to produce diverse and artistic pieces.

The session ended with a small collage activity and then everybody feeding back to the group

Some direct quotes from participants after the session:

“I’m excited that we all have different ideas to share.”

“I am looking forward to learning different art techniques that I haven’t done before.”

“I’ve missed art, ArtSpace means I can get back into it.”

ArtSpace – a three month Arc pilot

We are delighted to report that in January 2017 Arc will be launching a Young People’s Arc initiative called Artspace.  This three month pilot will engage young people, age 14-18, from a variety of backgrounds.

The pilot will give young people the opportunity to socialise, work with a professional artist, expand on their creative skills, develop ideas and exhibit their work in our gallery.

Working within a variety of art forms, the work created in ArtSpace will be posted on our blog, so visit back soon!